"The ability to make edits on the fly has
saved me countless headaches."

QR codes you can edit.
Yes, even after print.

Powerful QR code generator that enables you to create beautiful looking QR codes, change their destination link whenever you want, and even track scans with detailed analytics.

Screenshot of a QRshift code

5 out of 5 stars

"QRshuffle is one of those tools you never knew you needed until you start using it, and then you wonder how you ever managed without it. The ability to make edits on the fly has saved me countless headaches."

James K. Gatti
Graphic designer & Agency owner

Create within seconds

Feature rich QR code generator.

Choose colors and add a logo.
Change foreground and background color, or add a logo to the center of your QR code.
Editable destination link.
Change the destination link of your QR code at any time. Even after print.
Download QR codes as image.
Download your QR codes in high resolution as JPG, PNG or SVG vector files.
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Editable QR codes?

How does that even work?

Create a static QR code ..

In the QRshuffle dashboard. This one does not change and can therefore be used for print.

Add a destination link

You add a destination link to your QR code. This can be a website, social media or anything else.

The end user scans the code

In the background we redirect the user to the destination link. You can change this link at any time.

QRshuffle scan analytics.

It get's better. This approach
enables scan analytics!

Track scans over time. Use detailed charts and even country specific data.

App screenshot
Track qr code scans.
See how many people scan your code and how scans are distributed over time and location.
Detailed graphs and charts.
Track progress over time with detailed graphs and charts. See how your codes are performing over time.

Frequently asked questions

How do editable QR codes work?

We create a unique link, which remains static and is linked to the QR code. You can then change the destination of the link at any time without having to change the QR code.

How do I get started?

Simply sign up for a free trial and start creating your QR codes.

How do I upgrade to a pro account?

You can upgrade to a pro account by clicking on the upgrade button in the dashboard.